• Livewells shall have a minimum capacity of 23L. Livewells smaller than 23L in capacity will result in disqualification.
  • Livewells must have an inlet for fresh new water to enter and an outlet for old water to exit.
  • Livewells shall either run manually by mechanical means (manual hand bilge pump) or function automatically by battery-operated intake pump (preferred)
  • Livewells must have a lid and are recommended to be insulated to reduce water temperature fluctuation to a minimum. ( e.g. esky / cooler.) Buckets and containers are not acceptable.

NOTE: no recirculation intake line is required but is preferred.

*Livewells will need to be inspected and passed by Tournament officials Prior to each competitor’s first event per season.

*If you have any questions or concerns before constructing a livewell, please message the BMSA facebook page for clarification

Tournament organisers and officials have the right to not accept a competitor’s livewell if they believe it does not meet the satisfactory requirements to keep fish healthy and alive.

Note: Dead/dying fish cannot be weighed in, it is the angler’s responsibility to ensure their fish stay alive and healthy.

Fish shall only be caught during the designated fishing times and shall be kept in the angler’s Livewell only. *If due to extreme circumstances such as livewell breakdown, organisers have the right to allow fish to be kept in another designated persons (deemed by organisers) livewell, but proof of capture is required.

Once an angler has caught their limit and they then catch another fish they shall immediately release one of their fish. Anglers caught fishing with more than the competition-defined Bream bag limit shall be immediately disqualified. The tournament organisers reserve the right to check kayak Livewells during competition hours. 

At any stage pre-tournament, during or at the completion of the tournament, any tournament official has the right to inspect an angler’s Livewell.

Competitors must be mindful of changes in shallow water areas where the water temperature may spike causing distress to the fish. Anglers must fill their Livewells in deeper cooler water before entering shallow water areas.

Note: Tournament directors have the right to review and change livewell requirements at any time.